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Todd Klindt

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Todd Klindt

Todd Klindt has been a professional computer nerd for 15 years, specializing in Microsoft SharePoint for the last six years. His love affair with SharePoint began one slow day at the office when he discovered SharePoint Team Services 1.0 on the Office XP CD and decided to install it. The rest is history. In 2006 he was honored to be awarded the MVP award from Microsoft for Windows SharePoint Services. He has had the pleasure of working with SharePoint farms both large small. He has written several books and magazine articles on SharePoint. Todd has presented sessions on SharePoint at many major conferences both in the United States as well as Europe and Asia and does the user group circuit as well. He chronicles his SharePoint adventures on his blog ( http://www.toddklindt.com/blog) and you can follow him on Twitter @toddklindt.

Todd Klindts SharePoint books

You can find a complete overview of books that Todd has authored on Amazon. For an overview of SharePoint books on this site, click here.

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