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The Heretic’s Guide To Best Practices: The Reality of Managing Complex Problems in Organisations. 0


This is not one of the usual SharePoint books. This is a book about the potential business value you can deliver with SharePoint and about how to get to that point.
The Heretic’s Guide To Best Practices is written in a very insightful and entertaining way, and I consider this an eye opener and thus an important book. Taking no prisoners they instantly take you on a journey through the superficial corporate world of fuzzy “platitudes” and so-called “best practices”, reassuringly challenging the traditional brainwashed, if not genetically programmed, approaches to “wicked” problem solving.
The developed arguments for Dialogue Based Mapping are extremely persuasive if not addictive. The examples used are very recognizable and practical. Above all the book makes you re-think and sanity check your upbringing with regards projects and change.

While both Paul and Kailash work in information technology fields, this book is not about technology, or IT. This book is about how to create shared understanding so that people can come to decisions while understanding how those decisions will affect other stakeholders.

Paul and Kailash have done a good job of bringing dense academic studies and methods of capturing knowledge, and presenting them in a understandable way. They bring life to the concepts and ideas through the use of stories from their own experiences that allowed me to see how the different approaches play out in real life.

When it comes to solving complex problems, we often perform elaborate rituals in the guise of best practices that promise a world of order, certainty, and control. But reality paints a far different picture, which practitioners are often reluctant to discuss. In this, one of the not typical SharePoint books, The Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices, authors Paul Culmsee and Kailash Awati provide a plethora of practical techniques to help convert colleagues or managers who are firm believers in best practices. Through applicable anecdotes, references to pop culture, and examples from case studies, Paul and Kailash offer practical advice that benefits everyone in the organisation-from front-line employees to senior executives. A witty yet rigorous journey through the seedy underbelly of organisational problem solving, The Heretic’s Guide to Best Practices pinpoints the reasons why best practices don’t work as advertised and what can be done about it. Learn why conventional wisdom is not always wise and discover how the promise of best practices can be delivered for you and your organisation.