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A book on SharePoint Information architecture

Practical SharePoint Information architecture books

Practical Information Architecture

That are not many books written specifically on SharePoint Information Architecture. This is actually the first one. Ruven Gotz (author) focuses, as the title describes on practical side then the theory and this is one of the SharePoint books that is very well written and easy to understand. It might also give you new knowledge and tools to implement your SharePoint successful.

This book stands out in its approach, which is largely aimed at helping SharePoint professionals orient their thinking toward the bigger picture in information architecture and away from common pitfalls. The author’s writing is crisp and relevant, the content is excellent even if you’ve been at this for some time. And if you have been at this for some time, you’ll immediately recognize the value here, given just how many people in the SharePoint world inevitably hit the same walls before coming to the author’s points well on their own, if ever. Many bail out, others just muck up systems

Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture is not just for people whose job title is information architect. It is also for business analysts, project managers, IT managers, or business managers who have been tasked with delivering a SharePoint 2010 solution. Taking the lead on a SharePoint 2010 project can be very difficult because it is such a large platform, and there is so much conflicting information available. This book is for people who need a guide that has an end-to-end approach that will carry them through the entire planning and design process.

Table of Contents

  1. Preparing for Successful Outcomes
  2. Introduction to Mind Mapping
  3. The Magic of Metadata
  4. Site Navigation and Structure
  5. Wireframing for SharePoint
  6. Complexity, Wickedness and Dialogue Mapping
  7. Business Process Mapping
  8. The Art of Creating Business Process Solutions
  9. Success with Search
  10. Governance, Adoption and Training
  11. Building Environments for Testing/Prototyping in the Cloud
  12. Conclusion: putting it all together


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