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A few words from the Scot Hillier, the author  :

 I wanted to take a moment and be clear about the intended audience and expectations for the book.

This is a 4-chapter book intended to be a ramp-up on the new app development model. The target audience is experienced SharePoint developers. The book is not the “one-book” you buy that has every SharePoint development topic. That book is our “Inside SharePoint 2013” book. About half of the content in this mini book will eventually find its way into the larger book, but we wanted to get this information out as soon as possible.


The book is organized into 4 chapters

  • Chapter 1:”Introducing SharePoint apps” covers the new SharePoint app model in detail
  • Chapter 2:”Client-side programming” covers in the first part JavaScript and JQuery for SharePoint developers and the second half presents the fundamentals of the client-side object model and REST APIs for SharePoint 2013
  • Chapter 3: “App security” is all about the security concepts necessary to develop Apps. It explains the concept of the app principal and describes the details behind the OAuth security model.
  • Chapter 4: “Developing SharePoint apps” covers professional patterns for app development, such ad Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and Model-View-Controller (MVC). Within these patterns, you will read all about the basics of creating apps with various workloads, such as search, social capabilities and Business Connectivity services (BCS)


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SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 0

SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010
SharePoint development book

SharePoint Development with Visual Studio

With SharePoint 2010, developers finally have the powerful, end-to-end development tools they need to build outstanding solutions quickly and painlessly. What’s more, those tools are built directly into the latest version of Visual Studio, the development platform most Microsoft developers already know. In this book, the Microsoft experts who created these tools show you how to take full advantage of them.

In this SharePoint development book, the authors focus specifically on the SharePoint scenarios that Visual Studio 2010 now makes accessible to mainstream Microsoft developers. They assume no experience with SharePoint development and focus on SharePoint Foundation 2010: the low-cost version designed for organizations and departments of all kinds, not just large enterprises.

SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2010 shows how to get your solution up and running fast, and then extend it to meet your precise business requirements. You’ll learn how to develop, package, and deploy robust SharePoint business collaboration applications without any unnecessary complexity or overhead.

Following a practical, developer-focused introduction to Microsoft SharePoint 2010, you’ll learn about

  • Visual Studio 2010 templates and tools that simplify the creation of SharePoint solutions
  • The SharePoint object model and its most frequently used methods, properties, and events
  • Using lists to store, manage, and share data
  • Responding to events related to lists, features, items, or workflows
  • Integrating external data with Business Data Connectivity Services
  • Using content types that ship with SharePoint 2010—and creating new ones
  • Building multi-step workflows and custom forms that work with them

Utilizing Web Parts to present different data and applications on the same page
Customizing SharePoint pages or navigation with ASP.NET
Packaging and deploying solutions, and customizing deployment to your unique requirements

Whether you’re just starting out with SharePoint development, upgrading from earlier versions, or building on experience
with ASP.NET, this book will help you solve real problems and get real results—fast!

Carter, Scholl, and Jausovec have created an invaluable resource for professionals who need to learn the new Visual Studio Tools for SharePoint. With great walkthroughs and thorough explanations, this book is required reading for every SharePoint developer.

About the Authors

Eric Carter is a development manager in the Bing team at Microsoft. Previously, he worked as a development manager in the Visual Studio team, helping to invent, design, and implement many of today’s key features. He has also worked on Visual Studio Tools for Office, Visual Studio Tools for Applications, the Visual Studio Macros IDE, and Visual Basic for Applications for Office 2000 and Office 2003. His other Addison-Wesley books include Visual Studio Tools for Office (2006) and Visual Studio Tools for Office 2007 (2009).

Boris Scholl, program manager on Microsoft’s Visual Studio team, works on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint developer tools. Previously, as senior technical product manager in Microsoft’s Office Server group, he focused on developer readiness and SharePoint integration with Project Server.

Peter Jausovec helped test and design the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint developer tools, focusing especially on SharePoint workflows.

This book covers all the basics and takes you into a pro level as you go through the chapters, very interesting to read, full of real life examples and sample code that actually works, it goes side by side with the best practices of SharePoint 2010 development. Definitely a must for every developer who deals with Sharepoint.