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Free SharePoint book: Best practices for using fine-grained permissions.

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This is a free SharePoint book that describes best practices for fine-grained permissions (FGP) and how to use them within your organization when using SharePoint® Products and Technologies or Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 Products.

This book describes the use of fine-grained permissions (FGP) for SharePoint ® 2010 Products (Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010 and Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation 2010) and SharePoint® Products and Technologies (Office SharePoint® Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint® Services version 3.0); performance issues related to FGP; and best practices for configuring solutions that include FGP.

Note: We recommend that you use FGP for only those business cases for which it is required. FGP can be expensive in terms of both operational oversight and performance.


  • Overview of using fine-grained permissions
  • SharePoint permission system overview
    • Permission levels
    • SharePoint groups
    • Scope
    • Securable object
    • Inheritance
    • Limited access
    • Binary ACL
  • Best practices for avoiding common FGP limit issues
    • Too many scopes within a list
    • Too many members within a scope 
    • Very deep scope hierarchy
  • Recommended solutions for common FGP performance issues
    • Solution 1: Remove FGP and use security enforcement only at Web level
      • Environmental security cleanup
      • Environmental security architecture redesign
    • Solution 2: Use fine-grained permissions by hierarchical structure changes
      • Environment hierarchy redesign
    • Solution 3: Use fine-grained permissions by scope structure changes (2010 only)
      • Dynamic security changing code redesign
  • Environment architecture example
    • Environment overview
    • Workflow design
    • Fine-grained permission issues
    • Resolution of FGP issues
  • Summary

You can download this free SharePoint book at Microsoft download (docx format)

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